S.P.A.T. 0.67 Update

S.P.A.T. 0.67 Update

Hello, Operators! New updates for you!

In this update, I fixed a terrible sneaky bug! It seems paranormal forces managed to slip past the SPAT operators. I’m not sure how the bug managed to get through, but you probably noticed the increased number of monsters in the game and the higher difficulty. The thing is, I didn’t touch the player, but it seems they started triggering spawn zones twice, hence the surplus of monsters. Gosh, I got so used to the intensity in the game that I didn’t even notice this fact, but now it’s all fixed. My apologies for any inconvenience caused.

I would be very glad to see your feedback, ideas, and bug reports in our discord.



  • Added a contact-detonated grenade against enemies. A very useful tool, limited to four in the inventory.
  • The AFG handle has been removed from the Shaft, which prevents aiming.
  • NVG 1 level is not available from the start and must be purchased.
  • Reduced pixelation for level 1 NVG.
  • Fixed collisions of the laser sight that prevented it from shining.
  • Increased sniper rifle damage and reduced reload time.
  • Increased the size of M14 and slightly increased recoil.
  • Added bullet spread to pistols; if not aimed, they shoot at a single point.
  • Added tension effects and sights to the silver gun.
  • Adjusted grenade collisions, preventing them from flying off unrealistically or into the sky.
  • Adjusted the hand positions for SCB 980.
  • Added a 45-degree sight for SCB 980.
  • Removed pistol rotation during firing, causing unrealistic jerking.
  • ACW recoil increased.


  • Added FOV option in the game settings (Game).
  • Changed the flashlight flicker from paranormal entities to short intervals instead of constant epileptic blinking.
  • Added new player dialogues – throwing a grenade and reloading.
  • Fixed the animation that the finger is on the trigger
  • Fixed night vision to illuminate sniper scopes.
  • Fixed bugs with mushrooms and night vision. Night vision cannot be activated while the mushroom effect is active.


  • The alpha monster now attacks the player more than the bots.
  • Added the final dialogue after killing the witch.
  • Fixed the bug where zombies triggered onto doors instead of the player in the horror house mission.
  • Lowered the volume of zombie and werewolf alerts.
  • The witch starts hunting the player after blowing up the first lair.
  • The alpha monster isn’t rendered at distances over 150 meters, making it visible across the map.
  • Fixed a bug that moose and crawler don’t level up when playing with two bots.


  • Fixed in the horror house mission, at the basement, the collision near the screens was obstructed in mid-air.
  • Added more monster triggers in the horror house.
  • Various small loot has been added to all points of interest and houses.
  • Fixed the garbage bag at the murder scene is hanging in the air.
  • Fixed the spawn of other operatives’ corpses and loot; now it falls more realistically and isn’t hidden under them.
  • Added collision checks for corpses so they don’t pass through walls during spawn.
  • Quest letters in the werewolf, yeti and wendigo missions are spawned at a random angle so that they do not stand vertically.
  • Fixed mushroom collisions so that when you step on them they don’t interfere with movement


  • Bots now hear footsteps, and monsters don’t approach them from behind so easily.
  • The bot is now constantly looking for items and not just the first one.
  • Added a nav mesh modifier for the player to prevent bots from getting stuck (on stairs, in narrow places).
  • Added various contact and kill dialogues for Colt.
  • Bots move away from the player if they stand point-blank in the direction where player is looking, and not in a random direction


  • You cannot start the game without selecting a mission.
  • Removed the old battle cry option from control settings.
  • Removed the duplicate “damage” block from weapon descriptions.
  • After picking up specials, the ammo counter doesn’t update if the primary weapon is held.
  • Fixed the hint about sights, which appeared after level 3.
  • Fixed the bug where the block icon remains on the weapon after the 18th level.
  • Font size on the map as well as in the main menu.


  • Bot dialogues no longer interrupt quest dialogues.
  • Fixed a bug with an incorrect search for the witch’s path that leads to the game crashing after all the lairs are destroyed
  • Fixed a bug that ammo are not fully replenished from mags if additional equipment is installed for additional mag/
  • Fixed the bug where the client doesn’t complete the quest with notes.
  • Fixed a bug that a player can buy Shaft without paying.
  • Fixed the tutorial bug where pressing X doesn’t work if health is full, making it impossible to complete the healing tutorial.
  • Fixed the bug where after killing the granny, the flashlight needed to be pressed twice to activate.
  • Fixed the bug where the ‘Go’ marker wouldn’t disappear when commanded again.
  • Decals no longer appear on sniper scopes.
  • Fixed the bug where the highlight remains on the bodies of quest werewolves indefinitely.
  • Fixed the bug where aiming with the drone was possible.
  • Fixed a bug that the model of the radiotag rifle remains visible when selecting another special
  • Fixed a bug that there is no description of sniper sights on rifles.
  • Fixed a bug that the drone says lost the target and saw the target several times in a row.