Immerse yourself in a horror extraction shooter where you must escape a Soviet ghost town with a monster from an upside-down world tracking your heartbeat. Arm yourself, gather resources, and fight to survive. Death is just the beginning — it’s your gateway to an inside-out reality.

Monster listen when your heart speaks

Stay silent or your heartbeat will betray you! Monster attacks in “Dreadweave” go beyond sight—these predators listen out for the racing rhythm of your fear. Can you stay calm, or will your loud heartbeats attract the monster chasing you?

Deadly decisions at every corner

When death comes, it’s not the end—it’s where the high-stakes side of “Dreadweave” kicks in. You’re dropped straight into the thick of the unknown. A place where air is poison and time is fleeting. Find a portal in this strange place before it’s too late.

Survive, Extract, Conquer

“Dreadweave” is an intense extraction horror game where every pulse could be your last. Gather resources, craft weapons, and complete chilling tasks in a race against time. Build up your base, strategize with allies, and hunt down the beast that stalks your every step. Will you emerge victorious, or will the icy clutches of fear claim you?

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Lost in Frost

Explore the icy ruins of a Soviet city where the silence speaks volumes of forgotten experiments. Battle the elements, scour for precious loot, and complete tasks that challenge the bounds of reality. Band together with fellow survivors, as union is your only hope against the relentless cold and creeping dread.