S.P.A.T. game


You have a unique opportunity to feel like an operator of a special squad to fight paranormal creatures and monsters (Special Paranormal Assault Team – S.P.A.T.).

S.P.A.T. game
Unique Classes

Every operative does his job


Hunt 4 different alpha monsters

Special hunting devices

Not only your eyes will be useful for tracking monsters

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Thrilling, scary game! There’s LOADS of potential to be unlocked, which I believe will be thanks to the awfully kind and open-minded development team. Totally worth a try and exceptionally fun to play with friends.

Honestly a great concept. Couple good jumpscares and keeps you at the edge of your seat most of the time. Still a lot of work to be done as well obviously.

Bring some buddies into it, you won’t be disappointed. If you go into this game thinking it’s meant to be the most professionally done game in existence as a SOLO individual you will surely be mistaken. It’s a hidden gem for the meme culture.