SPAT 0.72 update

S.P.A.T. 0.72 Update

Hello, Operators! New update for you!

In the new update, perhaps the most important thing is that I was finally able to add achievements to the game. Right now, there are only a few, but I’ll expand the list.

And of course, the bestiary!
Additionally, weapon recoil has been increased, which has enhanced the realism of the game, as many complained that the weapons didn’t feel impactful enough.

I would be very glad to see your feedback, ideas, and bug reports in our discord.



  • Shaft added a sight at a 45-degree angle.
  • Damage reduced for M14.
  • Added the ability to retrieve the drone with the right mouse button if the drone gets stuck.
  • Drone returns to the player if it gets stuck.
  • Added a fire effect on monsters from UV lamps.
  • Added reload sound for SCB 980.
  • The camera has been moved further away when aiming for the PP91.


  • 6 Steam achievements added, more to come.
  • Added a mushroom effect when night vision is turned on, rather than just turning off night vision.


  • During the roar, yetis and wendigos do not take damage.
  • Dogs can occasionally knock players down.
  • If the player is above level 10, the number of monster spawns increases.
  • Fixed a slight playback issue with the alpha monster’s grabbing animation.
  • Fixed some navigation errors with witches that were causing game crashes


  • Crows and cars with alarms have been added to various locations on the map, which attract monsters if triggered.
  • Monster spawns added in the bunker.
  • Added environmental item television, which activates near paranormal monsters.
  • An invisible wall has been placed at the cave’s end on the map.
  • A hole in the wall where zombies come from has been added to the horror house map.
  • Quest letters in the church now spawn on the altar.


  • A bestiary has been added, which displays various information about monsters.
  • Levels have been added to the interface, indicating when weapons and items are unlocked.
  • A widget displaying the number of revival syringes for the bot has been added.


  • Fixed bot navigation so teammates don’t get stuck.


  • Fixed a bug where paranormal werewolves give 30 points instead of 15.
  • Fixed a bug where hitting the player registers as hitting metal in one of the skins.
  • Fixed a bug where if you kill the grandma during the capture, the weapon disappears.
  • Fixed a bug where the game menu does not open via Escape if it was previously closed with the “return” button.
  • Fixed a bug where the ammo counter changes if the Silver Gun is not in hand.
  • Fixed a bug where Jack has no footstep sounds.