Dreadweave - a cooperative extraction horror shooter game

Dreadweave – a cooperative extraction horror shooter game

Hello everyone, today I am thrilled to announce our new game, Dreadweave – a cooperative extraction horror shooter set in the grim environment of a Soviet northern military town, where secret experiments have gone wrong, leading to the opening of portals into a terrifying parallel dimension.

Already intrigued, aren’t you? Let us tell you a bit about our new game.

Dreadweave is primarily a horror game (which you can play either solo or in cooperative mode), where you’ll have to fight monsters from a parallel dimension. The twist? The main monster from the otherworld senses human heartbeats, and if it’s close enough on the other side, it detects the player. Then you’d better hide, although the absence of people on the city streets suggests that running is futile…

The game is designed for maximum replayability; you won’t have a single identical session – different spawn points, different monsters, loot, quests, mission exit (extrication). You will die often until you learn to survive in this icy hell. But even death is not the end.

We know how much you love lengthy games, so while gathering resources for survival, you’ll have the opportunity to expand between missions – your own small base, crafting, weapon upgrades, and character leveling.

That’s all I can share about the game for now, but stay tuned for updates, make sure to add the game to your wishlist, and join our Discord.

If you want to learn more about the technical aspects of the game, whether there will be a demo, early access, etc., then check out our FAQ and enter into discussions. You know how much we love developing games in collaboration with players.

I believe we can shake up the horror genre a bit; I’ve grown quite tired of the same old horror hunts. 🙂