Why you should remember about Singular Relocator before every mission

Why you should remember about Singular Relocator before every mission

Hello everyone, in our first monthly update about the game, I’d like to tell you about the portals, how they work, and how to use them.

As you know, in the grim world of Dreadweave, there are two sides – the snowy, cold city of reality and its dark counterpart in the inverse world. But how do you move between these two worlds to complete quests? That’s where portals come in.

What are these portals, where do they come from and why

Let’s start with how they appeared and reveal a bit of the game’s lore. During secret experiments on exploring the mysteries of the universe in the city of 

Zoryanovsk (Makarov-6), a breakthrough into a parallel dimension was achieved. The research got out of control and allowed another world, and its inhabitants, to break into ours…

Man-made portal

In each game session on the map, you can find an installation that creates a stable portal that transfers you to the “inverse” side. You will find yourself at the same point but in a different world. Due to the peculiarities of dimensions and instability of the passages, you cannot return immediately through this portal, so keep this in mind during your travels. To use the portal, you need first to find it on the map, and hints will help you do this.

Transfer after death

During many years of research in quantum physics and attempts to create controllable portals between dimensions, an experimental prototype known as the “Prototype X-Transfer” (“Singular Relocator”) was developed. However, due to instability and uncontrollable variables in quantum calculations, the device unexpectedly began to activate under certain extreme conditions.

Thus, another type of portal can be called the transfer of a player to the “inverse” world after death. The working principle is simple – when the player dies, they find themselves in the same point in a parallel world and this is where the most interesting part begins…

Portal exit from the inverse world

After landing in the “inverse” world, there is only one way to get out of there – find a temporary portal window, which appears at a random point in the world of the inverse and remains active for a limited time. After transfer, the “Prototype X-Transfer” generates unstable quantum-energetic waves, known as the “returning echo effect”. This effect temporarily disrupts the stability between the dimensions, creating a portal through which the player must go to return to the real world.

But remember that the device has only a few charges and you will not be able to move indefinitely, and given what awaits you on the “inverse” side, you will probably not want to return there again.

Now that you’re more familiar with how portals work in the game, you’ve increased your chances of survival in the grim world of Dreadweave. Be sure to leverage this knowledge for your next adventure—good luck and see you in the next update!