S.P.A.T. 0.43

S.P.A.T. 0.38

Hello, Operators! We have prepared some updates for you!

Do not forget that there is a giveaway for your ideas, I will also be glad to hear all your feedback and wishes in our discord.



  • The werewolf quest is back! Fight a dangerous opponent that can only be killed with silver!

    A dangerous feature of the werewolf is that he calls his allies in battle. Every 20 seconds, a werewolf minion will spawn.
  • New S.P.A.T. weapon is a combat tomahawk. (Button 5)

  • Added a battle cry to bait monsters. Button “C”.
    Interaction range 20 meters, can be used once every 20 seconds.

  • Now you can choose between light sticks and road flares. With this light, flare scares away small monsters for a while. The total number – 3.

  • Brainstormer changes position after each attack. Less weapon shaking from the brain attack.
  • Added crawler sounds.
  • Screen mission failed and exiting the game in standalone.
  • FOV value is saved.


  • Wendigo slightly reduced damage and attack speed.
  • Increased werewolf minion vision range.
  • Supply call -1 minute.
  • Crawler attack speed reduced.
  • Granny’s vision and hearing range has been reduced.
  • The screamer will spawn a wave behind him and it will not just run to his location, but will specifically attack the players.
  • Light grenades max 2.
  • One ammo mag falls from the corpses of 100%.
  • The police station outside spawns one grandma instead of two.
  • Brainstormer effect radius reduced from 20m to 18m.
  • Decoy bait radius increased from 300m to 350m.


  • Player gets knocked down when he already dead.
  • Wendigo sticks and does not move if he wants to throw a skull but does not find the target.
  • The shotgun is replenished with 30 rounds.
  • Headshots did not score points for a kill.
  • Light grenade does not add scores.
  • Moose got stronger
  • Monsters spawn on rooftops.
  • Removed collisions on Chemical Light Sticks.
  • No scores are awarded for killing with a grenade launcher.
  • Yeti’s stone is too big on the client.
  • Grenade launcher max ammo resupply – 4 (not 6).
  • The outline of quest items disappears if you press E, but the quest item is not activated.
  • Disables SteamVR auto start up.
  • Effects continue after the death of the brainstormer.
  • The player cannot shoot after being resurrected if they were knocked down during death.
Monsterplay theme allows you to specify any information in this ticker