S.P.A.T. 0.43

S.P.A.T. 0.43

Hello, Operators! We have prepared some updates for you!

Do not forget that there is a giveaway for your ideas, I will also be glad to hear all your feedback and wishes in our discord.



  • The bot follows where you specify with the “move to” command.
  • Bot. Increased bullet spread.
  • The bot refills ammo from supply.
  • Bot says if ammo runs out.
  • The bot stops the dialogue if contact with the enemy.
  • Monsters attack the player more often than the bot. Previously, it could be that the monster concentrates only on the bot and you can stand aside and do nothing.
  • Friendly fire reduced by 3 times (was full weapon damage before).
  • Added a circular battle cry reload indicator.
  • Reworked interaction with objects, now the text with the name of the object and the caption “E to interact” appears when you look at the object.
  • Added hit direction indicator.
  • Added reload sound on the pistol.
  • Added blood effect from monsters hitting a player or bot.
  • Added location “cave entrance”.
  • Map optimization.
  • Added screen resolution settings.
  • Keys in the hud (first aid kit, grenades, etc.) are displayed in accordance with the selected keybindings.


  • Fixed a bug with the map that location markers do not appear after death.
  • Other players can’t hear the “Move here” command.
  • Fixed a bug when a player after death could quickly crawl with a shift or crouch.
  • Fixed a bug that the player can walk after death if the WASD is held, and does not fall immediately.
  • Player can’t reload if knoced down.
  • Jobak behavior fixed.
  • Car siren activated once.
  • The lighting ammo is not replenished from the suplly on client.
  • Weapons on the server hang in the air at the start of the game.