S.P.A.T. 0.45

Hello, Operators! We have prepared some updates for you!

Do not forget that there is a giveaway for your ideas, I will also be glad to hear all your feedback and wishes in our discord.



  • Checking out the new sanity mechanic. It decreases if you are in the dark, if you are attacked by monsters or different jump scares come out. Low sanity is dangerous – in addition to just hallucinations, monsters sense it and run to prey.

    Be in the light and the sanity will increase, the indicator light on the operator’s hand will help you, red – you are in the dark, green – you are in the light.

    The battle cry causes an adrenaline rush and can help increase your sanity, but remember that screaming attracts monsters.

    Decreased sanity is indicated by a visual glitch and radio interference.
  • Interactive lights and a light switch that you can turn on to lower your sanity.

  • The first level of the sanity effect is eyes in the night. At low levels, they are not dangerous, but the lower the sanity, the more likely they are to turn into monsters.

  • EMF Detector for finding quest things (paranormal things). Detects an object from 20 meters and shows the distance and direction to it.

    The idea itself is being tested on quests so far, in the future there will be more and more paranormal objects of different types in different places.

  • New character menu.

  • Reduced weapon recoil and changed the aiming animation for better shooting control. Also, when crouch recoil is less.
  • The bot moves more realistically – walks if close to the player, accelerates if the player is far away.
  • Now you can order the bot to attack the target.
  • Also you can command “Follow me’ to clear bot target and current command (useful if bot stuck).
  • Bot lights ahead.

  • The sun stops shining later at sunset for a more realistic nightfall.

  • Gamma settings are now saved.
  • The sound has been reworked, new ambient sounds have been added, as well as a different background sound for day and night.
  • For orientation, you can put waypoints on the map, just left-click on an open map.
  • Light performance optimization.
  • Bunker – reduced the resolution of all textures, also assigned all physical materials (no footsteps were heard and incorrect effects from weapon hit).
  • Clothes are chosen randomly at the start.
  • Added armored car (Rhino-2) radio conversations at the start.
  • Increased weapon firing volume.


  • Many players complain about the high ammo consumption of small monsters, so the health of all minions is reduced by 5, and the damage is increased by only 0.5 for testing.
  • Supply drop time 720 –> 660 s.
  • The player’s lantern shines more strongly and does not scatter as much at a distance.
  • Wendigo and Werewolf run a long distance after an attack.
  • M1911 damage 8 –> 9
  • Removed the flashlight on the silver gun. This is an old weapon, obviously it did not have a light on it.


  • On the first attack, the alpha monster runs away after the first hit on the player.
  • The werewolf after running home does not go into normal mode, but continues to be alert and run fast.
  • Fixed a bug in a multiplayer game that started several conversations between operators at the same time.
  • Ammo and things were picked up from afar due to incorrectly configured collisions.
  • The word map can be opened at the shooting range.
  • Clip hanging in the air when reloading.
  • No inspect animation for super guns (grenade launcher, silver gun) on the client.
  • Grass on the farm is not shot through.
Monsterplay theme allows you to specify any information in this ticker