S.P.A.T. 0.46

Hello, Operators! We have prepared some updates for you!

Do not forget that there is a giveaway for your ideas, I will also be glad to hear all your feedback and wishes in our discord.

This time I wanted to add a division into classes into the game, after all, S.P.A.T. is a squad of operatives, each with his own role. While the devices are in test mode, but in general the classes will remain the same.

There are three classes, so online play is now limited to 3 people. Plus it’s good for balance, it seems to me that it’s too easy to go through the game with four people.



  • “Searcher”

    The main task is to search for quest / paranormal objects, as well as search in general. Without it, you will not be able to complete quests, so one person in the squad should always be searchers.


    – EMF Detector (For search hidden Object)
    – For now, the radio tag is a rifle, but it will either have a weapon sensor or a search drone.

    Special Skill:
    – UAV (search alpha monster)
  • “Supporter”

    He is engaged in providing the squad with everything necessary, without it it will be difficult in dark places.


    – Flood light, reduces sanity. Without light, you will not be able to complete tasks in remote places.
    – Portable light, scare the enemies. There will be other devices, such as an ultraviolet stationary lamp that damages paranormal enemies.

    Special Skill:
    – UAV Supply drop
  • “Hunter”

    An optional class, you can go through the game together, but hunting helps a lot. Specifically specializes in hunting the alpha monster.


    – Decoy for alpha monster. Can be recharged. (It will most likely be replaced by a step tracker.)
    – Radio Tag Rifle.

    Special Skill:
    – not yet known
  • Flood Light. Can be picked up. Installation costs 7 energy.
    Reduces the sanity of players in a small radius.

  • In a single player game, the bot acts as a searcher. It can sometimes bugs, but in general it works.
  • If you play as a sercher, then the bot performs the function of a support, you can order it to put on the light.
  • Bot can open doors.
  • Smooth transition to crouch mode. Not instant.
  • A badly wounded minion monster may run away from the battlefield (With a probability of 25% if health is below a third).
  • Tried the new voice model of Replica Studios for Zeus, now she can speak Wikipedia correctly! All Zeus lines redone.
  • Arranged music at all key locations.
  • The sound of the raven is quieter.
  • Widget with a question mark over quest items that have been discovered.
  • All houses have been redone, performance has been increased and freeze somethimes have disappeared.


  • You can attack with a melee weapon on the button “V”.
  • The decoy is recharged at the expense of the player’s battery charge (Hunter), press reload button. (uses half on player energy).
  • Added triggers at starting locations when you get close to the EMF detector. Some players do not understand that quest items need to be searched with a detector.

    Also, to fix this situation, quest items can be activated by a player of any class, but they are more difficult to find, they are not highlighted.
  • If you shoot paranormal eyes, they disappear.
  • Paranormal werewolf minions spawn at over 75 sanity, not 50. And less often.


  • Fixed third person animations for EMF detector.
  • Fixed third person animations for portable lights.
  • Fixed entrance doors in the huts and in the mansion.
  • Fixed rock collisions in the cave on the plinth so that the wendigo minion doesn’t get stuck and the bot can climb up.
  • The Ammo and attachment widget does not disappear when a class is selected.
  • Rounding sanity values in hood.
Monsterplay theme allows you to specify any information in this ticker