S.P.A.T. Screenshot Contest

S.P.A.T. Screenshot Contest

Operators, it’s time for you to get creative.

Take a cool screenshot in the game and share it on Steam, at the end of the week we will choose 3 winners and give each of them two game keys.

Any work is accepted – beautiful, atmospheric, scary or funny.


  • Subscribe to S.P.A.T. Discord.
  • Share your screenshot on Steam.
  • You can send any number of screenshots.
  • Send links to your publicly visible screenshots to the gallery section.

(To take a screenshot in Steam, press F12 in the game (you can first remove the HUD, the default “K” button). Then go to the library and select the game, you will see your fresh screenshot and share button. Enter the signature and put visibility – public.)

Every Sunday we select the best screenshots we reward the participants.

Screenshot Contest