S.P.A.T. 0.48

S.P.A.T. 0.48

Hello, Operators! New updates for you!

I will be glad to hear all your feedback and wishes in our discord.



  • Added a second special to the searcher class, this is a drone. Called for 3 minutes for 15 units of energy, scouts the area in front of the player and, if threats are detected, marks them.

    Don’t try to spawn it indoors, the drone will get stuck. And indeed, such a large drone cannot fly in the house.

    I think later, in more pumped versions, it will shoot at enemies.

  • The “searcher” now has the choice of a second special between the drone and the radar on the weapon.
  • “Hunter” can choose between radio tag rifle and radar.


  • Decreased texture resolution. On the target hardware (gtx 1050) increased fps from 45 to stable 60.


  • Tweaked the position of the weapon to be in the center.
  • Shotgun fixed aiming animation, gun is in the center of screen.
  • Phosphorus bullets can set an enemy on fire at more than half of their maximum health and send them to flight. But at the same time, the damage of such bullets is reduced by 10%.

  • Replaced a large flash from a shot with a small one so as not to interfere with the view.
  • Radio tag rifle +1 ammo at start.
  • Night Vision can work with a sniper scope.


  • Changed night vision post process to be more realistic.
  • Reduced power consumption of night vision.

Sanity and scaring the player

  • Added ambient howling and monster noises for sanity level above 25.
  • The sound of trees is attached to real trees and sounds from different directions for more creepiness.


  • Windows are now shootable, the first shot breaks the window, then you can shoot through.
  • Near the TVs you can find batteries.
  • Replaced doors in the mayor’s mansion. Previously, they did not open when pressed and the player could get stuck in the door.
  • Added rocks around the bunker to make it look like it’s in the mountains, blocking places you can get into and get stuck in.

  • Added sound of ground movement in the graveyard.


  • Bot does not interrupt quest dialogue.
  • Added the ability to select a second bot. The balance is still in test mode, it can be too difficult for beginners due to the high damage of monsters.
  • Added UAV conversations (Reaper-1) if found or not an Alpha monster.


  • Brainer sight and hearing range reduced.
  • Screamer summons 3 to 4 monsters instead of always 4.
  • Screamer runs faster after shouting.
  • Brainer effect range decreased from 18m to 17m.


  • Added loot widget.

  • Selected weapons, specials, ammo type etc. are marked in the character create menu.
  • Added sound effects to all buttons in character creation on click and hover.
  • Added a outline and a caption to the mine that it can be picked up.
  • Added quest text to the quest marker.
  • Added a caption to “enter a password and press enter” when entering a private server.


  • Added a check that the alpha monster has either fallen off the map or disappeared, then it will respawn with the current number of lives.
  • If you are not the owner of the object, then the outline and the inscription “pick up” are not displayed (flood light, mines, portable light).
  • Blood decals no longer appear on weapons and hands.
  • Flood light now rotates behind the player.
  • Grain storage building collisions fixed.
  • The icon of the rank from level 10 did not load.
  • Fixed a bug where shooting continues when switching weapons.
  • The new weapon appears only at the start of the weapon equip animation.
  • Removed the ability to switch weapons while reloading.
  • After the client selected the gun sensor, and then the choice of other equipment, the sensor remained on the server, but was not visible to the client, while it worked.